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A huge announcement and some stress management tips

Exciting NEWS from us!

Jim is retiring! I should say “rewiring” since we will not be sitting idle.We have plans to play golf & pickleball and walk on the beach.  Besides that, Jim will be joining me in our coaching business.


It has come to our attention that many of our friends, acquaintances, and some family, don’t know about all the things we have our hands in these days.  I thought this might be a good time to share. *Read through this, because there are some great stress management tips further down.


Pam is an author with 10 published books, available on  She also has an apparel shop called Jesus Hashtags on Pam has two “read aloud” Youtube channels. Miss Pam Reads (with almost 30,000 subscribers) for children and Mrs Pam Reads for adults. That one only has 765 subscribers, at the moment. It needs to have 1,000 subscribers before it can be monetized. *Feel free to subscribe and get those numbers up. Pam also runs Time Management workshops and does Stress Management coaching, for women. One last business thing Pam has is a new online course through our website,


Jim is jumping into the business as a personal finance coach helping people learn to form a budget, pay down debt, build savings, and give generously.  He also coaches on leadership development and Gallup Strengths for families and businesses. Jim will be contributing to the weekly blogs, as well. He often gets great feedback on his contributions, so we are looking forward to him doing it more often.


So why are we telling you all of our business doings? This information was not to “sell you” on working with us. Although, if we can help you, let’s chat. It’s mainly to let you know what we are up to so if you hear of someone that might be a good fit to enjoy any of our offerings, you think about mentioning us. Thanks.


News to benefit YOU:

Sometimes the stress of the holidays can feel overwhelming.  If you add to that the idea that you are waiting for news about something, whew… the pressure goes up and sometimes you may feel like you might just explode!


Does this sound like you?  Are you waiting to hear about a new job, the health of a family member, a potential house guest, whether you will be able to pay the bills or buy Christmas gifts?  Any of these can be a potentially stressful situation.  Of course, stressing/worrying about an unknown doesn’t help anything.  It only makes you more uptight.


Here are some tips about how to stress less when you are waiting on news …

·         Put things in perspective

·         Stay Calm (freaking out doesn’t help)

·         Keep Busy (dwelling on the “what if’s” doesn’t help)

·         Think Positive (hope for a happy ending)

·         Be Prepared (to spring into action once you know what’s going on)

·         Do Your Research (find out what you can without hindering the outcome)

·         Act Rationally (make wise decisions)

·         Wait Patiently (sometimes it’s all you can do)

·         Be Strong (things may not turn out as you want)


I hope any news you may be waiting on as the year comes to an end is happy news.  There is always hope and we must hold onto that in every situation.


We hope that each of you has a fantastic end of the year and a truly blessed 2024!

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