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Age is only a number

You’re only as young as you….

How would you finish that sentence?

  • feel

  • think

  • act

  • look

  • other

Of course, there can be medical issues that cause people to age, and old age does eventually come to us all.

But, given a typical healthy person, what do you consider old? I remember being devastated the year I turned 30 because, to me, at that time, anyone who was 30 was old. Now my definition of “old” changes the older I get. And it’s never how old I am! Chuckle.

I’ve seen people in their late 70’s who are extremely active and no one would consider them old. I know a couple in their mid-80’s who play golf and push mow their yard. There are others in their 60’s who, while still healthy, retire and sit around doing nothing.

I think sitting around doing nothing is one of the ways to become old before your time.

Our bodies need to be active. Check out this article on exercise… But exercise doesn’t need to be a chore. Find an activity you enjoy! I used to play tennis but have now transitioned to pickleball. It can be an easy, friendly, game or an all-out battle where you need to protect your body, depending on who our opponents are. Either was we are all moving and having fun. I’ve also recently taken up golf. I always said I was too young for golf, but it’s just as much a social activity as a sport. I enjoy hanging out with my foursome.

Our brains need to be active, too. Studies show that “Engaging in intellectually stimulating activities and maintaining close social ties with family, friends, and community” is one way to maintain a healthy brain. Check out this site for brain training games. I just checked it out. Yeah, I could improve in my memory area. Guess I better work on playing more games with Jim, the grandkids, and my parents.

In general, staying physically and mentally active (if you can) is one of the best ways to have people guessing your age lower than it actually is.

Remember, you’re only as young as you…

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