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Be considerate, Folks!

While walking out of a grocery store today, I paused at the crosswalk.  Why? 

Because I saw a car coming.  But, pedestrians have the right of way.  On paper, but in reality… if I had walked across the crosswalk, that car would have hit me.  Be considerate, Folks! I’m so thankful I waited before crossing. 


This got me on a bit of a pet peeve rant.  Hold on, here we go…


Staying on the grocery store topic.  Why do people stop their cart (or buggy, depending on where you are from) in the middle of the aisle?  They become so engrossed in looking for what they want that they are unaware of their surroundings.  It could be they just don’t care that they are blocking the entire aisle and people are trying to get past them.  I sure hope not.  Be considerate, Folks!


How about trying to get through a green light? 

People are so involved in other things happening in their cars (cell phones, makeup, kids) that they don’t even notice that the light has turned green.  Green means go!  There are times when I sit through a light changing two or three times before I get through.  If drivers would go when the light turns green, I could have gotten through the first change. Be considerate, Folks!


Apparently, these pet peeves are not mine alone.  I’ve spoken with a number of people who have expressed the same frustrations.


Here’s one you may not have heard of.

It still comes under the category of “Be considerate, Folks!”

Independence Day is coming up soon and people like to set fireworks off at home, on any given day on or around the 4th of July.  That is great fun, for the people setting them off.  Not so much fun for the people who aren’t expecting fireworks to go shooting into the air over their house.


Last year we had someone shooting off fireworks at 10PM, after many in the neighborhood had gone to bed.  Another person I know told me about someone setting off fireworks, on July 2nd.  Her husband, who is a combat veteran was not prepared to hear those types of noises two days before the 4th and ended up sitting in a fetal position covering his ears and crying.  Know your neighbors.  If you have a neighbor with small children set your fireworks off earlier. If you have a combat veteran as a neighbor, let them know a little bit before you send those rockets into the air, so they can be mentally prepared for it or go to the mall to avoid the noise. 

Be considerate, Folks!

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