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Be RESOLVED in 2024!

Did you make a new year’s resolution? Or are you RESOLVED that something is going to be different this year. I know, you’re thinking, “isn’t that the same thing?” Well, yes and no. Typically, by definition, a resolution is an expression of an opinion or intention.

However, being RESOLVED is being firm in purpose or intention.

Resolution is about “I’m going to try to make this happen…really, I’m going to try really, really hard.” RESOLVED is about “this is done, in the past, there is no way it is not going to happen…CID…consider it done!” Are you RESOLVED?

It turns out that most new year’s resolutions are unresolved and lost within the first one to three weeks of the new year. Now we know it takes roughly three weeks to replace an old habit with a new habit. So how do you get past the month of January and continue on to this “new you” that you have RESOLVED to become?

Here are three steps to move from resolution to RESOLVED:

First, have a plan. If you decide that you must lose and keep off 20 pounds this year, develop a plan to make that happen. How much exercise will you get and when? How will you change your eating habits? What are the milestones along the way, e.g. five pounds each quarter of the year? What will you do if you fall behind? How will you keep yourself motivated? Who will be your accountability partner? How will you celebrate reaching each milestone? The answers to these questions help to develop a realistic and actionable plan to be RESOLVED.

Next, determine how often and when you will measure results along the way. When it comes to losing weight, one of the key factors to actually creating weight loss is to get on the scale every day. (Really Jim, every day? I’m only trying to lose 1.6 pounds per month.) The fact that you are measuring the goal consistently and regularly keeps it important to you. When I was trying to lose 20 pounds I weighed myself daily so I could see the results of my exercise and change in eating habits. This helped me to understand how my behaviors were impacting my results. After a while it became a game for me, and a lot more fun as the pounds came off. I was RESOLVED to lose the weight, and daily measurements helped me track progress.

Finally, be patient and disciplined. Nothing comes easy when you are trying to make changes, and some changes don’t come very fast either. You have to be patient, understanding that the things you do today may not show in your results for 30, 60, or 90 days. Then doing the right things day after day, in a disciplined (learned) approach makes each day a little easier. People usually give up on resolutions because they want fast and easy solutions to their resolutions. But not you, you are RESOLVED! You are patient and disciplined, knowing that this great change you are making is already done, and it is just a matter of time and effort to prove it.

Be RESOLVED in 2024!

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