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How Rude!

Cement mixers were loudly churning in the lot next door. At 6:00AM! Seriously? I know they often start working at 7:00 and had accepted that as my probable wake up time. They are really pushing the limit of acceptable work time with such loud and annoying noise at 6:00AM. Bleh.

I had to accept the fact that I was awake, so I went to get some coffee. Before I even got out of bed, I remembered my catch phrase… “It is what it is and, it’s all good.” So with coffee by my side, I sat to ponder my reaction to my rude awakening.

Sure, I was unhappy, well maybe disappointed is a better word, but I quickly realized it was not anything I had control over, nor was I in any danger. I made the decision to pleasantly go on with my day.

Could I have made other choices? Sure. I could have…

· Gone out in my jammies screaming and yelling at the construction workers

· Called the development office to complain

· Blasted the neighborhood with negative words on social media

· Continued to be angry about my rude awakening and allow it to ruin my entire day.

Do any of those options sound healthy or pleasant to you? I hope not. Why let a bad start ruin the whole day?

In this situation, I happen to be literally talking about being woken up. What about those instances when your rude awakening is an “a-ha moment” when you suddenly realize something? That is a different type of rude awakening, isn’t it? However, the choice is still the same. You can let it ruin your day/life or you can choose to deal with it, work through it, and pleasantly go on with your day/life.

I saw a Facebook post recently that I thought was very accurate, and fits today’s blog perfectly…

Was it a bad day?

Or was it a bad 5 minutes

That you milked all day?

How will you deal with your rude awakening? Yup, the choice is yours!

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