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Jumping can be good for you

Our older grandson, who is in the severe category on the autism spectrum and non-verbal, loves to jump.  He has broken a number of beds from jumping on them, and he has worn out one of those small exercise trampolines.  He is now on his second trampoline which is an 8ft round outdoor one. 


He has recently discovered that if you double jump (with two people on the trampoline) you can get a “popcorn” effect going, and he just laughs and laughs while double jumping.  It has been many years since Pam have was on a trampoline, but when he requested she join in, she didn’t hesitate.  Guess what?!  Jumping on a trampoline is great fun!  Who knew? Of course, Pam wanted to get one but thought she better do a little research first. 

Here is some of the information she discovered about jumping on a trampoline…

·         Improves the lymphatic system, which helps wash waste and toxins out of your body

·         Increases balance and coordination

·         Improves digestion

·         Is easier on joints than running

·         Can assist with toning and weight loss

·         You get exercise and have fun at the same time

It doesn’t seem to matter what size trampoline you get, the benefits are the same whether you jump on a small exercise one, or a big huge one.


Perhaps you are searching for a fun way to get some exercise, gain health benefits, and reduce stress.

Consider a trampoline.  As with any purchase… do your research.  There are many sizes, many prices, and even the weight they will hold varies, so read the fine print and then, if it sounds like something you would enjoy… go for it.


Yes, we ordered one. 


*Be sure to observe all safety features and instructions.

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