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Music for life

People enjoy all different kinds of music.  Many of us change our preferred music as we go through the changes of life.


Personally, I was into Rock & Roll, then Disco, then Pop, then Country, and now Contemporary Christian music.  I never had any interest in Grunge, Punk, Rap, or Heavy Metal.  I know there are now a couple other genres that I have no clue what they really are (techno stuff). 


With each of those different musical phases, I was at different life phases.  The music I listened to really spoke to me, emotionally, at each phase.  As my life changed, so did my taste in music.


It’s funny, lately we have been watching docudramas of what some would consider “oldies” music (The Beach Boys, The Beatles, June Carter Cashe and Willie Nelson).  As I type, Jim is watching something about the Grateful Dead.  I guess once a “Dead Head”, always a Dead Head.  I never really understood that music, but… to each his own.


I bet if you think about it, you will recognize the different types of music you listened to grooved with the stage of life you were in.  Do you see how the music you listen to has changed from when you were in high school?  Or, perhaps it hasn’t. 


Maybe you are a person who has been pretty steady in the way you live your life.  It could be you have had very little change as you have gotten older.  That could be absolutely fine, as long as you are happy in the lifestyle (and music) you are living.


Some of you might be thinking about this and realizing you are listening to the same old music you’ve always listened to and you feel like you’re stuck in a rut.  We tend to adapt to our surroundings.  If our surroundings are not that great, we begin to feel our lives are not that great.  If you are listening to depressing or angry music and you find yourself unhappy and angry, it may be time to change your music.


It’s amazing how something as simple as listening to more upbeat, positive, or relaxing music can impact your emotions. 

I happen to listen to Contemporary Christian music, almost exclusively.  It keeps my mind in the proper positive, peaceful, perspective.  Some days I find it very beneficial to my mindset. 


If you’re thinking it’s time to change your mindset and find some new music, I highly recommend Contemporary Christian music.  But, maybe that’s not your thing.  Okay.  You could try Easy Listening, Cool Jazz, Classical, or any number of other genres that could be kinder to your emotional mindset than what you may currently be listening too.


Go ahead, change the station.  You might be pleasantly surprised.






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