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New Year, New You/ Hot Mess or Class Act

It’s New Year’s Eve! I know, I’m stating the obvious, but I do so for a reason. The occasion can bring up some strong emotions for people. Among them:

  • Happiness about accomplishments

  • Regret for things undone

  • Sadness for those no longer with us

  • Anticipation for a great year ahead

  • Hopelessness thinking nothing will get better

Certainly, we have no control over who has left this earth, but we do have a choice of how we remember them.

The rest of the list is within out control. Yes, outside circumstances do exist, but for the most part any accomplishments, things not done, anticipation and hopelessness are up to us. And, while being a “hot mess” is fine for a while, and even funny once in a while, it’s probably not the best state to be in, for the long haul.

As life coaches, Jim and I are always encouraging others to move positively forward, so staying a “hot mess” is not an option. Yes, even guys can be a ‘hot mess” every now and then. HAHA. Changing from a hot mess to a cool mess isn’t the answer either. The key word here is “mess.” There are a few different definitions for the word mess: untidy state of things, confused or full of difficulties. Mess implies chaos. Mess means you don’t have your act together. It’s hard to function if you are a mess.

As we start a new year, let’s decide to look ahead and try not to be a mess. Here are a few tips to turn that hot mess into a class act:

  1. Recognize you are currently a hot mess and decide you want to make a change.

  2. Consider what has brought you to this point.

  3. If that’s unclear, ask your trusted friends and/or family members.

  4. Determine the steps you want to take to become a class act.

  5. Implement the plan.

  6. Tweak as necessary.

  7. Celebrate what a great year it’s been next New Year’s Eve 2022.

You are not stuck. You can Make the Decision to Change.

Be safe tonight.

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