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Positive thinking tips

I recently watched a video about how your thoughts control your feelings. It made such a good point that I was going to be lazy and just post the video link in this week’s blog and get on with my day.  BUT after the very good point came a very strong sales pitch.  I don’t like a strong sales pitch.  So, I choose not to share the video with you.  Let me recap it for you…


As I have posted, many times,

your thoughts effect your feelings and your actions, so try to keep your thoughts positive.  That’s today’s message in a nutshell, grin. 


This particular video addressed having your feelings hurt, by others.  We all know people who are sensitive and have their feelings hurt easily.  However, consider this: their feelings are hurt because they allow their thought process to be negative. 


For example…

If someone comments that you aren’t very strong, and you happen to be a very fit and fairly strong person, you think, “They have no idea what they are talking about.”


On the flip side,

if someone comments that you aren’t very strong, and you are out of shape and aren’t very strong, you might think, “They are right, I’m a weakling.”  You might even take it to extremes and think, “I’m fat, weak, ugly, my hair is a mess, my outfit doesn’t look good.  I’m worthless.”

It wasn’t their words that hurt your feelings, it was your thought process after the words were said.


The trick is to change your thought process. 


For example:

If someone comments that you aren’t very strong, and you are out of shape and not very strong, you could think, “It doesn’t matter what they think, I like me just the way I am.”  OR “Yeah, I’ve been thinking I need to get in shape.  It’s time to buckle down and take my health seriously.”  If the commentor happens to be a good friend or family member, you may even ask them to work out with you.


Yes, people can be jerks and some people enjoy saying mean things to push other people’s buttons and watch them get upset.  You don’t have to let them have control over your thought process.  Remember, what can’t always control a situation, but we can control our reaction to it. Find a way to keep your thoughts positive and you will discover your feelings aren’t being hurt as much and you have a more positive outlook on life.


This is a great way to refocus your thoughts to something more positive:

1.       Deep breath – in through the nose, out your mouth like a straw

2.       Again

3.       One more time

4.       Think of something you are grateful for

5.       Say an “I am…” affirmation

6.       Finish with one more cleansing breath


Have a wonderful day!


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