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Time to Clean House

As I was cleaning my house, I was reminded that if I were ever financially wealthy I would have a maid and a cook (and maybe a personal trainer). Then I remembered, I’m wealthy in other ways.

I absolutely love my family and am loved in return. As I was grumbling under my breath about spending an entire day cleaning, I decided to stop and reflect on the joy I had while a whole bunch of family members were at my house visiting (and making it dirty). That made the housecleaning chores much more tolerable.

I also recalled a conversation where someone had said they were “cleaning house” and followed that with a comment about true friends. Then I realized she was talking about getting rid of some friends that she didn’t consider to be true friends. That is another type of housecleaning though, isn’t it? Although it probably isn’t any more enjoyable than the chores I was doing.

I would imagine we all have some housecleaning we could do.

Whether it’s getting rid of:

· Dirt, dust, and grime

· Years of accumulated, unneeded, non-family memory stuff

· Friends you realize do not have your best interests at heart

· Or any number of other things

It probably won’t be something you enjoy. Housecleaning is a process, but you must begin it to be able to manage it well. If you don’t start it, the dirt, stuff, and fake friends will pile up and start to weigh you down.

You could tackle it like I did, remembering the joy that was brought to you before you had to clean house. Think about:

· The fun that brought that “dirt” into your house

· The reason you have that “stuff” in the first place

· The good times with your “friend”

There is a time for every season,

and it may be time for this particular season to be complete.

I know my housecleaning is completed, for now anyway.

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