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What Do You Value Most?

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

While I love to write, speak, coach, and encourage others to be at peace with themselves and always have hope for the future, there are a couple of things that are more important, to me.

For me, it’s family first.

I am not the major bread winner in our household, so I am blessed to be able to place my family in line before my work

Of course, way back in my early 20’s when I needed to work to help pay the bills, food, clothing and shelter took priority over my family. After my second child, we had to seriously weigh the advantages and disadvantages to my working. Financially, I would have been working to pay the cost of child care. That didn’t make sense, and the joy I had from being with my kids far outweighed my joy of working. We decided I would stay home with the kids.

By the time our youngest started Kindergarten, I was soooo ready to re-enter the workforce. I wanted some adult interaction – haha. I often tell women that, for me, working in the school system was the best job for a mom. I could have gone back into food/hotel management, but that is mostly nights and weekends. In the school system, I worked when my kids were in school and was off when my kids were off. For us, it was perfect. Although, often public schools don’t pay the highest wages – just sayin’.

The effects of my decision to stay at home and work in the schools have been long lasting. It’s interesting that both our boys have expressed a desire for their spouses to be at home with their children while they are young, and mention fond memories of things we did during summer vacations.

Notice that I often said “for me.” I understand that not everyone has the option to make their families a priority. However, if you can, I would suggest you do. You will be pleased at the long lasting, positive effects it will have on your children.

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