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Pam Horton

Life can get chaotic and become overwhelming. It doesn't have to be. You can choose joy.

Pam specializes in working with women to help them refocus stress and chaos to CHOOSE JOY to positively move forward in their life. 

I am ready. Find a Time.
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Pam, I love your coaching every day. No matter who is listening, you bless my heart and I often need to hear your words. I know I rarely comment, but I love you, sister!! ~Diane P.

Stress Management 


Life can become chaotic and overwhelming, at times. We can't always see the light at the end of the tunnel, because there's too many things blocking our path.

As a Certified Stress Management Coach, I help women clear out the block in the path to gain clarity and discover there is an end to the tunnel and the light is bright when we can stress less and choose joy.

Time Management 


No matter how hard we try to prolong a day, we each only have 24 hours. If you take out 8 hours of sleep and 8 hours of work, that leaves us 8 hours a day to get all the "other" stuff done. Most of us tend to be "time poor" and searching for a better way to fit everything in.

As a Board Certified Master mental Health Coach, who is blessed to be able to see organization options in chaos, I encourage others to prioritize what matters. Whether it's through individual coaching, group coaching, or a workshop, I will help you think about things differently and live life on your terms.

Executive Functioning Skills


Executive functioning skills include adaptable thinking, planning, self-monitoring, self-control, working memory, time management, and organization.  

Pam can assist you in building these skills for a more productive and rewarding life with accountability.





About Pam

Pam is a Board Certified Advanced Christian Life Coach (BCACLC) by The Board of Christian Life Coaching (BCLC) and Board CertifiedMaster Mental Health Coach (BCMMHC) by the International Board of Christian Care (IBBC) and the Board of Mental Health Coaching (BMHC).

By asking introspective questions, Pam is able to help women identify the root of stress, time management, and executive functioning issues.  

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Additional Certificates in:

Caring for Teens God’s Way

Coffee Cup Coaching
Life Coaching 101

Life Coaching 201
Advanced Life Coaching
Stress Management Coaching
Parenting Coaching
Stress and Trauma Care
Mental Health Coaching
Suicide P.A.I.R (Prevention, Assessment, Intervention, Recovery)
Military Suicide P.A.I.R (Prevention, Assessment, Intervention, Recovery)
SYMBIS Facilitator (Save Your Marriage Before It Starts)


Books Written by Pam:

The Decision to Change *award winner
Autism: Expressions of a Non-Verbal Child
Autism: Rory’s Story, Having an Autistic Brother
#StressLess #ChooseJoy: 250 Bible verses about JOY
#StressLess #ChooseJoy: 14-day Devotional or Teachers
Silly Cora (3 versions: original, comprehensive, and matching)
In a Graveyard of Unread Blogs vol. 1: Relationships, Communication, and Opinions
In a Graveyard of Unread Blogs vol. 2: Attitude, Encouragement, and Military Topics

Pam’s Book Recommendations:

The Five Love Languages, series by Gary Chapman
Boundaries by Henry Cloud
40 Days of Purpose by Rick Warren
Sleep Smarter by Shawn Stevenson
The Traveler’s Gift by Andy Andrews
Anything by John Jakes (perhaps On Secret Service)
I, Eliza Hamilton, by Susan Holloway Scott
Backstairs at the White House by Gwen Bagni & Paul Dubov (old but still available)
Woman of God by James Patterson
The Bible

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