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A Gift for Success

Jim and I read a book, a few years ago, that we feel could benefit others.

I’ll admit, I originally found the beginning of the book a little odd, and probably not as enticing as Jim would have wanted. I think that’s because I am familiar with the characters (being a lover of history) and the concepts being discussed. However, even with those two things in mind, I greatly enjoyed the last half of the book. The gems of knowledge presented by the characters of Anne Frank, Abraham Lincoln, and the Archangel Gabriel gave me pause.

In the book, said by

  • Anne Frank: “If, in fact, it’s what’s inside us all that makes all the difference, the difference is made when we choose what goes inside.”

  • Abraham Lincoln: “… don’t you be mad at you. Forgive yourself. Begin anew.”

  • Gabriel: “… a hedge of thorns is the divine protection placed around someone who is destined to make a difference. Until you have accomplished what you were put here to do, you will not – cannot – be harmed.”

The book presents “the seven decisions for success” and allows various characters, who made those decisions, to present how one of them was a major factor in their life. While the three characters mentioned above “spoke” to me, other characters in the book may “speak” to you. The book offers a path for success in life, as well as a moral history lesson, that could remind you of some things you may have forgotten or give you a different perspective on life.

The Traveler’s Gift” by Andy Andrews was an easy read, and I finished in a week. Jim and I recommend it so highly, we gave it as Christmas gifts the year we read it.

After you finish it, let me know, which characters gave you pause, and why. Pam@PamHorton.Life

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