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Be Nice, Ya’ll!

I mean, seriously!  How hard is it to be nice? 


Okay, I’ll admit, sometimes people can get under our skin, but is that an excuse to be rude to someone?


This thought process is being brought to you by a recent shopping experience.


I was doing my weekly shopping, at my normal bottom priced store, and thought I’d go check out the clearance section.

There was hardly anything in the Christmas clearance area, but I did see some mini-lights.  Our tree lights went “kaput” so we needed some new ones. As I picked up one box, this woman (I can’t refer to her as a lady) came up behind me with her shopping cart, reached over top of me and started grabbing multiple boxes of lights.  Wow.


I picked up a second box of lights and moved out of her way. She proceeded to place her cart in front of the display and continued to grab multiple boxes, as quickly as she could.  There were plenty of boxes there, but it was as if she thought they would disappear before she could grab them. It was ridiculous. I thought we might need another box, so I carefully reached around the corner and picked up another box, being careful not to get into her clutches in the process. I must admit, I felt like I might lose my arm if I reached into the display.


Change of scenery…

As I went to a different store to get some scrapbooking supplies and see what things they had on clearance.  There was a lady looking at the ornaments. We sort of danced politely around each other with a couple of “Excuse me’s” in the process.  Quite a nice little interaction went on between us.  We even smiled at each other. What a difference! 


One might say it was the difference in the type of clientele each store attracts, which very well could be. I happen to think it was the personality of the individuals involved. I think you put either woman in the other store and they would react the same as they did.


Of course, I have no clue what is going on in the lives of either person, but still…  How difficult is it to be nice when you interact with people?


If you happen to resemble the 1st example,

I suggest you practice being nice to others. You can start with your family and your co-workers, then try it out on total strangers. You’ll be surprised at how pleasant the people around you can be when you are nice to them.


Just sayin’.

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