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Be Wise With Social Media

Sometimes the internet and social media get a bad rap. Some people sit in front of their computer every free moment they can (rather like video games). Others use it to stir up trouble (cyber bullying). There have been scams and crimes attributed to social media. Yes, there are some sites I just stay away from!

However, the internet can be useful for business contacts and networking, as well as keeping in touch with friends and family. The trick is to be wise and use it safely.

With email – only open things from people, or companies, you know. If you get an email from someone you know and it doesn’t sound like something they would say – especially if there is a link in it – be wise – don’t clink the link!

In such cases, I will

  • delete the message

  • email the person who supposedly sent it, asking them if they sent it

  • tell them I deleted it and ask them if it was from them to please resend.

Most of the time, they thank me for letting them know their account has been hacked.

In the case of Facebook – if you are using it for personal things and posting pictures, etc. Be aware of your privacy settings! Most people prefer to have their setting at “friends only.” If you aren’t sure how to check your settings, feel free to contact me, I’ll guide you through it.

Touching on Facebook GAMES, you know those quizzes you click on with a bazillion questions that tell you something about yourself. Have you ever read the notification that comes up before you start? It goes something like, “We will receive: your name, profile picture, preferred language and friends list.” If I see this, I close out… for you, my friends. If you see this, I suggest you close out. Maybe your friends don’t want that app to have their information. Just sayin’.

LinkedIN is not Facebook. It is a place for business people to connect about business things. People don’t want to see what you did on vacation on LinkedIN, keep that for Facebook InstaGram. Again, be selective with who you connect with. You want your connections to be beneficial, not a hindrance to your business profile.

Twitter, for me is purely public. I don’t Tweet anything that is not okay for the whole world to know – grin.

InstaGram & Pinterest, depends on your reasons. If you are on Instagram for fun with friends and family, go for it. Remember to be wise about who you follow and who follows you. You can even make your page “private” for extra security. However, if you are using your account for business, post things that encourage others and inform people about your business. A “business” page with only personal profile pictures makes no sense. Also, most people will not follow a business page that is private. Just sayin’.

Bottom line – the internet and social media sites can be a great way to keep in touch with friends and family, and network for your business, as long as you are mindful of safety precautions. Be wise. Be safe. Have fun!

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