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Between crazy and lazy

Why are we in such a rush?

I heard this song on the radio the other day and knew it had to be a blog topic.

How many of us are “in a hurry to get things done” or “rush and rush until life’s no fun” and even are “in a hurry and don’t know why?” I think most can say this applies to us at times. For some people, this applies to them all the time right now.

So let me ask you… how’s that workin’ for ya?

There are those few amazing people who seem to thrive on busyness and even a little chaos. I salute them and say, “More power to ya!” It often seems to be true that if you want something done, ask a busy person. They just love to be busy.

For the rest of the world, being overly busy and in a rush can make life no fun. Sometimes we don’t really know why we seem to feel so rushed. We don’t seem to be making any progress, so we might’s well just give up. Well, that isn’t the answer either.

Finding a middle ground between crazy busy and couch potato is probably the best option.

That could mean being outright, full court press for a few days and then taking it easy by the pool for a couple days. It could also mean managing your time throughout the day to be at a more even pace.

Here’s a few tips to help keep you on the medium setting…

· Make a daily schedule to allow for productive and down time

· Learn to be flexible, if something comes up, adjust

· “No” is not a swear word and sometimes you just have to use it

· Enjoy the beauty of nature

· Love more, judge less

· Sleep between 6 & 9 hours each night

· Laugh

· Breathe

Life is seldom a race.

We will all pass from this world into eternity. You’ve been lied to if you believe the one with the most stuff wins. Death comes to us all and you can’t take your stuff with you. Live your life to the fullest, but take time to enjoy the world around you and the people in your life.

#PrioritizeWhatMatters and make memories that last a lifetime.

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