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Book Launch Day on the 5th!

Have you heard?

Pam has collaborated with a former co-worker to write a book for children! After a combined work experience of 28 years working with young children, Pam & Laura have seen some things! Many unsafe actions have become teachable moments. The ladies have turned this book into a great tool for teachers, and parents, of children ages 2-6, to help model making safe choices.

Some preview comments have been:

  • This is a great book!

  • So needed.

  • I love it!

  • This will be perfect for my child.

  • I want one for my classroom!

We are offering a Launch Day Sale that will save you 17% off the regular price.

You can get one for your child, or classroom (or more than one for your school) on August 5th.

Watch for the link to order from #Amazon on August 5th!

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