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Everyone has an opinion

There is so much going on in the world, and almost everyone has an opinion about it. Of course, many of those opinions are not in agreement. Which means there’s so much controversy in the world right now.

What’s the most important topic and how can I shine a positive, encouraging, light on it?

Much Debated Topics

That answer is controversial in itself because different things are important to different people.

How about…

· climate change

· the energy crisis

· same sex marriage

· abortion

· US political candidates for President

· refugees

· the Middle East

· pharmaceutical costs

· gun control

· racial tension

· or anything you can start an argument over.

I’m just mentioning the topics and I bet some of you are already forming your arguments for or against what I might say next.

GUESS WHAT? I’m not going to discuss any of these topics.

I’m going to write about how silly it all is to be having disagreements over topics that aren’t going to change unless we can actually agree on them.

How do you come from controversy and disagreements to agreements and solutions?

I believe, in most cases, compromise is the answer.

Try to understand the other person’s point of view, instead of just pushing your agenda.

Discuss things calmly, instead of screaming, yelling, slinging mud, or throwing someone else under the bus.

See if you can come to a middle ground. Even a 60/40 split can be successful if it is arrived at calmly.

Let’s work together to form a plan for positive, beneficial, change.

Shall we (the people) come to a compromise?

We can do it!

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