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Have a more than adequate day!

While standing in a checkout line, I overheard two women discussing parting phrases.

Imagine my surprise when they both stated they couldn’t stand it when people said, “Have a Great Day!” That’s one of the things I often say to people. I never imagined someone might find it offensive.

Is adequate enough?

One woman said, in reference to cashiers, “Can’t they just say, ‘Thank you’ and leave it at that?” The other person agreed and added, “Yeah, I just want to reply with, ‘Have an adequate day.’” REALLY? Interestingly enough, they both agreed that “Have a blessed day” was nice.

Don’t you find it interesting that people who don’t want you to wish them a great day, or only want you to have an adequate day, appreciate people saying “Have a blessed day” to them?

I must admit, when it was time for me to check out, with the “adequate day” person still present, I did not say “Have a great day!” to the cashier, when I left. Of course, Hindsight is 20/20. If I really wanted to be an instigator, I would have said “Have a Great Day!” to the person who didn’t like that phrase. But I didn’t. I quietly left, not wanting to offend anyone.

On reflection, I wondered why I changed my remarks to please someone else.

As stated, I didn’t want to offend, but is the term “Have a Great Day!” truly offensive? I can think of many more obnoxious things to say that would most definitely be offensive. I then determined not to let two people change what I say when departing from someone.

Have you ever thought about how people respond to your polite greetings?

I believe, if possible, we should leave people on a positive note, with a smile on our face, possibly bringing a smile to theirs. If someone, in passing, ask me “How you doing?” I usually respond, “Doing great and how ‘bout you?” It’s interesting to see the look of surprise on their face when they didn’t expect an answer to their question.

I have continued to make positive comments to strangers, and if it offends someone... Oh well, maybe they need a little positivity in their life.

In closing, let me just say… Have a Great Day!

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