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How wonderful it is, to be awake

In this chaotic world, it sometimes takes the words of a child to get your perspective back on track.  “It’s great to be awake!”

A few years ago, our youngest granddaughter stayed overnight in the hotel with us.  She had told me she loved to wake up in the morning and see me working on my computer. (I normally have coffee while checking email and news).  When I woke up the next morning before she did, I thought I better get up, grab some coffee and get on my computer, so she would see me that way when she opened her eyes.

It wasn’t long before she woke up, full of energy and needing no coffee to be alert.  After a couple of minutes stretching she sat up, looked at me and announced, “It’s great to be awake!”

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to wake up every morning with that attitude?  How many of us actually do?

I confess, I do not. 

I wake up very groggy headed and have a cuppa coffee before my “happy” kicks in.  I bet most of us don’t wake up joyfully excited to face a new day.  Why not?

I suppose it could be that we may not

·         be healthy

·         be financially set

·         be in a happy relationship

·         enjoy our job

·         have a job

·         a place to stay

·         want to get up and face the stresses of the day

However, each new day is an opportunity to start again. 

If we are not happy in our current situation, we can take steps to change it and move onto a more positive path.

Of course, there are some who are very ill.  You know what?  Many of those people are the ones that face each morning with a joyful “It’s great to be awake!”  Sure, they don’t feel well but they are still here and they get to spend time with the ones they love. 

We’ve all heard people say, “I wish I had just one more day.” 

You do.  Every day you wake up is one more day.  One more day to discover the joy of life.  One more day to make a positive difference in the lives of others.  One more day to tell those you care about how much you love them.  One more day to….

You’re already awake today, but tomorrow, just try it.   Wake up and, with a big smile on your face, announce “It’s great to be awake!”

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