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Weather Perspective

Jim & I were visiting my parents, in Florida, last week. It was chilly, 50s/40s. I wasn’t loving it but, I kept a good attitude about it because in Fuquay, it was in the 30’s while we were gone. The day we left Florida, it was in the 60’s going up to the high 70’s by the weekend.

Temperatures at home are now hanging in the 50’s and it’s going to be rainy this week. I thought I’d see what the weather was like where my parents are in Florida. As I type, it’s 70 degrees there. A good 20 degrees warmer than here.

Then I decided to check the weather where Jim’s family is in Vermont. It’s currently 40 degrees, with a 10-day forecast to get into the 20’s. Yikes!

When I put everything into perspective, North Carolina is in an okay temperature zone. Sure it isn’t as nice as Florida, but it sure is warmer than Vermont. At this point, I have a choice to make. I can…

  • Be unhappy because I’m not in Florida

  • Be very happy because I’m not in Vermont

  • Be middle of the road because it is what it is and it’s all good

This is where you can choose the positive and have a great day, or choose the negative and not have the best day you could have. Realistically, the choice is yours. The weather is the weather and you can’t control it, so how you choose to react to it (or anything that is out of your control) is the only thing you can control.

For me, that’s easy…. I am extremely happy I’m not in Vermont (*and especially not in North Dakota!) right now. Then you have my in-laws who love the cold weather and they are happy they are in Vermont during the winter. It’s all about perspective, being happy with the choices you make, and choosing the positive.

As “they” say… Make it a great day, or not, the choice is yours.

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