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Meaningful Purpose

I often work with an elementary school principal who finishes her morning announcements with, “Make it a great day – on purpose.” I love this so much I often share that sentiment with my 8th-grade granddaughter. It’s a wonderfully encouraging statement, and it puts the responsibility for how a person’s day goes right in their lap. Perfect.

Of course, we all heard the discussions about “finding your purpose.” I would suggest doing something on purpose is different than finding your purpose. Although, I imagine you can seek to find your purpose, on purpose. Just a little play on words, there.

There is also a difference between “meaningful” and “intentional” purposes. If you have done something intentionally, you had a plan in mind and took steps to make it happen. If you are doing something meaningful, you seek to add value to something or someone, yourself included.

When I think of meaningful purpose, whether it be “on” or “finding,” I see someone determined to be amazing, act kindly towards others, and encourage those around them in whatever way they can. So, what does “Have a great day – on purpose” look like?

  • You will not be shaken by things you can’t control

  • You look forward, with hope, to whatever the day may bring

  • You take steps to find and maintain your inner peace

  • You look a challenge, straight in the face, and tackle it head-on

  • You use your time wisely

  • You practice self-care, including getting enough sleep

  • Add your own ideas; it is different for everyone.

What does “finding your purpose” look like? That is also different for every person because I think that revolves around finding your passion. There are many books, and coaches, that can help you work on that process.

Finally, what does “meaningful purpose” look like? I believe I see meaningful purpose being lived out by people who are

  • Going after their dreams

  • Setting and reaching their goals

  • Sharing their stories and knowledge

  • Helping others discover and go after their dreams

May we all live a life filled with meaningful purpose.

If we can help you with that, feel free to reach out…

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