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An explanation why THIS Friday is GOOD.

Isn’t every Friday “good”? For many of us, it’s the end of the work week as we look forward to the weekend.  While that is true, Good Friday comes only once a year.


If you are of the Christian faith, or are familiar with it, you will know that Good Friday comes just before Easter Sunday.  Many of us understand its importance, but there are some who think it’s just a long holiday weekend.  For those people I will explain why THIS Friday is GOOD.


The first “Good Friday” was the day Jesus died by crucifixion.

Jesus was crucified and died after being betrayed by a disciple, falsely accused, and badly beaten.

If you believe Jesus Christ “rose on the 3rd day,” count backwards, Sunday, Saturday, Friday.  He died on Friday and rose on Sunday.  Hence we have “Good Friday” and “Easter Sunday.”


If Jesus suffered so terribly, why do we call it “Good Friday?”

That seems a valid question.  My answer is that Jesus willingly laid down his life to take on the sins of the world and conquer death.  He did this so that our sins, yours and mine, could be laid on Him, and not on us.  Having a naturally sinful human nature, we could not enter into the presence of a Holy God; but Jesus paid our penalty for us, essentially removing our sin and claiming us as His own. It is through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ that we can spend eternity in heaven after we depart this earth.  While is doesn’t seem good for Jesus, He endured it for us.  It’s good for us and we, rightly praise Him for it.


Is this gift for everyone?  It absolutely is! 

However, you must receive the gift.  If someone gives you a gift and you put it in a draw never to be taken out, or you throw it away, you have not truly received the gift.  In order to spend eternity in heaven you must

·         admit you are a sinner

·         ask Jesus to forgive you of your sins

·         ask Him to bring the Holy Spirit into your heart

·         vow to do your best to walk in step with His teachings. 


When I did this, I felt the weight of life’s burdens lift off my shoulders. Jesus walks with me now, through the Holy Spirit who resides within me.


If you have not done this, what better day to do so than on Good Friday?

If you do accept Jesus’ gift, please tell someone. We’d like to welcome you into the Kingdom of believers, and perhaps give you a big ol’ hug and invite you to an Easter Service.

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