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Daddies and Daughters

I overheard a little girl, 8-10ish, say, “Thank you, Daddy.” I looked over to see her holding a beautiful bouquet of purple flowers that went very well with her purple dress. Then she went on to say where she would put them in the house, etc. I couldn’t help it – I looked at the dad and gave him a big smile. For five bucks he had given his daughter a gift and she had given him heartfelt and proper response – Followed a few minutes later by a sweet hug. A win-win situation, with both parties giving and receiving joy.

Does that mean all daddies should give their daughters flowers?

  • Isn’t that teaching them the wrong message, that in order to make someone happy you have to give them a gift? Well, I suppose you could analyze the situation that way.

  • Shouldn’t she be happy that her dad is giving her his time? Absolutely! I am learning that time is a precious commodity and is a very valuable gift.

However, you’ve heard that old saying, boys marry their momma and girls marry their daddy, right?

If daddy is the first example a little girl has about how a man treats a woman, isn’t it a sweet idea for a daddy to give his young daughter flowers? Most women love flowers! Men give women flowers as a sign of affection. Women give each other flowers as a sign of friendship. I have been known to buy myself flowers if I feel like I could use a little pick me up to brighten my day. Yes, most women love flowers! (Granted for us frugal women, we can decide that an elaborate expenditure on flowers that are just going to be thrown away in a few days is a waste of money, but a little $5.00 bouquet? Bring it on! Grin)

As I said, it need not be an elaborate expenditure. You could pick a pretty weed from your lawn or a flower from your garden to give a young girl and she would be happy. Believe it or not, it’s the thought that counts. It’s the fact that you thought enough of her to want to give her something to make her smile. Yes, a little girl should be happy just to spend time with her daddy, but if daddy shows he’s made a little effort to make her feel special… major bonus points for daddy – AND it models that the daughter should be looking for a husband that will think of her, cherish her, and bring her joy.

Ok, daddies… now’s your chance to show your little girl she’s someone special. Whether purchased or picked, how about giving her some flowers this weekend?

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