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Do You Bring Cranky Home?

Are you energized and excited about going to work each day or is your job just a means to an end, something you have to do to pay the bills?

What a bummer it must be to get up and go to a job you hate, with people who annoy you, with a negative attitude that makes you cranky by the time you get home.

Some of you are living your life like this, out of necessity, because you need a job to pay the bills. It’s better to have a job you hate than no job at all. Okay, I’ll agree, and give you a big “Attaboy/girl” for being a responsible adult. Good for you.

My question is, what happens when you get home? Are you able to shake of your bummer of a work day and be happy at home with your family or do you come home, kick the cat, grab a beer, grumble about your day and make the people you live with miserable? Misery loves company, right? WRONG.

Bringing your rotten work day home is not the thing to do if you want a happy home life. I mean, who wants to be miserable at work and at home?! If you have to be miserable at work, shake it off on the way home. Leave work at work and start fresh when you walk through the door of your house.

Actually, you might try some things to make your work day a little better. How about…

  • Listening to uplifting, encouraging music on the way to work (HisRadio or K-Love are great options)

  • Try to smile more

  • Stay positive

  • Avoid gossip and complaining

  • Hum happy songs

  • Think about the fun things you will do when you get home (kiss your spouse, play with your kids)

I suppose, if you are terribly unhappy at work, you could start looking for a different job, one that you might enjoy – or at least not hate so much. I’m not suggesting you do anything drastic. You do have to pay the bills, after all. But it might be okay to start exploring other options. Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up energized and look forward to spending your day at work? Just a thought.

This reminds me of that Steven Curtis Chapman song… Do Everything. Give it a listen. It would be a good one to hum at work – grin.

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