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On my soapbox about Commitments

“Will you keep this commitment?”

I think this is a valid question.  I find that people can’t, don’t, or won’t keep the commitments they have made.  Whether it’s to a

·         spouse

·         job

·         organization

·         parent

·         child

·         or friend

Many times people seem to have a hard time keeping a commitment.


Let’s take a look at the definition of commitment…

a pledge or promise; obligation.  Also, engagement; involvement says the word is a noun, (so it’s a thing, which means it requires an action). 

You make a pledge or a promise which then obligates you to engagement or involvement.


Okay, I’ll agree with that.  Perhaps even more simply put… A commitment is actually doing what you said you were going to do.


You know, I’ll be the first one to say that “life happens.” 

Things come up and they are in conflict with another commitment we have made.  That’s when priorities comes into play.  I will also be the first one to say “family first,” meaning that my family takes priority.  However, that is still not an excuse not to honor your commitment.


Here are some steps to follow if you discover a conflict in your schedule…

·         Let someone know ASAP

·         Try to get someone to cover for you

·         Ask for assistance in getting someone to cover for you

·         Cancel your commitment well ahead of the day and time it is to happen


It is certainly understandable when emergencies happen that you have to cancel, even at the last minute.  Please make sure that you, or someone you’ve asked to help you, let’s all people involved know the event has been cancelled.


I see absolutely no reason that something a person has known about for days, or longer, gets cancelled at the last minute.  Or, that people just drop out of a commitment, or even worse, are a no call/no show for no reason other than they didn’t feel like it.   Yup, pet peeve.


One last comment...

If you aren’t positive you can keep the commitment to ____(fill in the blank)____ at least 90% of the time, don’t make it!  It’s tough on relationships when you let people down.


Okay, I’ll get off my soapbox now.

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