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Watch a Sunset

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

Our 14-year-old granddaughter is visiting, and we watched a sunset from our hot tub in the backyard. It reminded me of this story from a past visit when she was seven and we lived in a different house…

I went outside one evening to water my vegetable plants and saw that the sky was becoming a pretty pink. I rushed back into the house to tell Rory to get her shoes on; we were going in the car to see the sunset.

Where we live, we are surrounded by tall trees, so it makes the sunrise/sunset rather difficult to see. I thought if we could get out into a more open spot we would be able to see the vibrant colors I knew were about to show themselves across the sky.

We went one street up and drove into that development, nope wrong one. We then went up a couple more streets and turned down to see the bright pink and deep purple, but still – it wasn’t the view I was hoping for.

We were off again, traveling down a main street, which was fairly well open so we could see the sunset clearly… but it’s a road – can’t really stop there. We were headed for an elementary school a few miles away, but we were thoroughly enjoying the view as we “ooohed and aaaaahed” over the beauty of it.

The windows and the sun roof were wide open, the breeze was blowing our hair everywhere, we were enjoying the colors and it started to rain… what? Yes, rain. We closed everything up and continued on to the school.

We finally arrived at the school and were able to see the last splashes of color. Was it as fantastic as I had hoped? No, but that’s okay. I took some pictures to remember the adventure; and that’s exactly what it was, an adventure.

Our granddaughter and I enjoyed a completely spontaneous, fun-filled moment in time which I hope we will both look back on and remember fondly while laughing.

Create memories with the ones you love. They don’t have to cost a lot, or be long planned out adventures. A quick, free spontaneous moment of fun, like chasing the sunset, can be a wonderful memory.

What memories are you creating this weekend?

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