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Awake to darkness

I have noticed as the sun comes up a little later, and it’s dark in the morning when I wake up, that I struggle to get out of bed more than I did when it was light out.

I know I have told you about the importance of sleep and given you tips on how to get to sleep. I think it’s time to discuss the importance of getting up on time. Many of us have jobs, or appointments to get to and we don’t want to be late because we’re hitting the snooze button or reluctantly getting up.

I did a little digging, on the internet, and here are a few tips that I will put to use this fall/winter…

· Keep you room temperature comfortable. If it’s too hot you won’t sleep well. If it’s too chilly, you won’t want to get out of bed. Most experts say between 65 & 72 should be your sweet spot. (*We like it a little higher, at 75 degrees to sleep.)

· A “Dawn Simulator” clock can wake you as if it were still summer out. They are not cheap, so do your own research before you purchase one. Here’s a good site for some info… (*We don’t have one.)

· If you’re a coffee drinker, use one that can be programmed to have your coffee ready to drink when you get up! (*We have this, a MUST for me.)

· A “smart” watch that wakes you during a light sleep cycle, instead of in the midst of a deeper sleep cycle. You set the time to get up, but also set it to wake you “smart” during a light sleep cycle. This may be 30 minutes or so before you wanted to be awake, but you should wake up more alert. It’s a trade-off, up to personal preference. (*We don’t have this, but I’m going to look at it, again.)

With the right plan, and/or device, in place you can rise and shine on time during the fall and winter seasons and have a fantastic day. ENJOY!

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